Design Document

Game Title and Tag Line

Travel Net: Educational Traveling

“The only thing you’ll ever need to learn about the culture of a location and have fun at the same time”

Team Members

Marianne Cruzat, Katherine Ham, Yingying Wu, Peter Wang

Last Update: April 28, 2016

Game Overview

Game Concept
The game integrates cultural events of a certain place with mini games so that players could learn about the place by playing. Our first station would be Majorca, the beautiful island of Spain. We try to put cultural elements into mini games, hoping that this will add more fun to the serious culture. This game aims at helping people get information of attractions of a place in advance and make them curious about these attractions. Therefore, when they actually go to the place, they would have certain background knowledge of the place and may be visit these attractions.

Target Audience
Students that are interested in study abroad and people who want to travel are target audiences.

Educational single player game, Cultural games

Players can explore a place and learn about its attractions. The games are design to make player to have a general feeling of the style of the place and grow interest in that place.

Look and Feel
We intend to keep the shapes of the different countries. However, it will look more animated than realistic with the different terrains. We will have different levels that go from the whole map of the earth to a zoomed in map of locations in the city.


Project Plan

February 7 SOLIDIFY Plan; github; research
February 14 Tutorials, menu
February 21 roles; storyboard
February 28 Simple Skeleton
March 6 mini games- escape room
March 20
March 27 open world done
April 3 mini game
April 10 mini game
April 17
April 24 Testing

Attraction List
1. La Casa de Robert Graves (Robert Graves House)
2. Villa of Chopin (Valdemossa)
3. Gothic Cathedral of Palma- The Cathedral of Palma de Majorca (La Seu)
4. Arabic Wall in North Part of Isle (Alcudia)- The Church Sant Jaume
5. Majorca Museum- Casa de la Gran Cristiana
6. 4th century Bellver Castle- battlements
7. Pollenca (Martí Vicenç Museum)
8. Soller (Medieval)- Church of Sant Bartolomeu
9. Palma de Mallorca City Lighthouses- Porto Pí
10. Village of Capocorb Vell (Talaiots)

Each location is of cultural or historical significance to Majorca. A small blurb will popup at each location and educate the user about the significance of each location.


With each location, there are several artifacts, famous locations and historical landmarks. The location of the each place/artifact will be located on a map of the city. Upon arriving to each location, there will be a mini-game or an introduction board that the user will have to complete. By doing so, they will receive a puzzle piece. After arriving at each location and receiving all puzzle pieces, they will complete the puzzle, which will be a picture of the place they will visit next (location on the map that will open up).


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.52.06 PM.png

The player will first go to Majorca’s map from the start screen.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.52.56 AM


There, the player can choose from 10 attractions and decide where to go. A popup at each attraction will give cultural and historical background on that location and also lead the player to a mini-game.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.54.30 AM


Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.52.21 PM.png

After reading the description or finish a game, the player will earn a trophy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.56.44 AM

The player can press ‘L’ at any time from the Majorca map to access the trophies that they have earned. The trophy list is shown below. The player can also press ‘X’ at any time to quit the game.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 11.56.51 AM

The player can press ‘M’ to return to the map of Majorca after checking on how many trophies they have earned. After collecting all of the trophies, the player can go to the ending scene where they can choose to quit or to replay the game.Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.21.29 AM.png


Puzzle Structure
When the player goes to the map scene, he or she will be able to choose from the 10 attractions. Ideally each will lead them to a mini-game that is related to the attraction. Upon finishing each mini-game, the player will get a trophy. After he or she successfully collect all the trophies, a beautiful picture of Majorca will show up. After the game is further expended the player can go to the next location from here.


Each mini-game has its own set of controls and rules, which are discussed below. To navigate the map of Majorca, the player simply uses their mouse to find the attraction they would like to go to and click on it to travel there. The player must not only play the mini-game, but must win it as well in order to collect the trophy for that location.

There is no saving option for our game, but it is easily possible to play the entire game in one sitting so saving is not necessary. In addition, as the game would have a mobile version as well, any click would translate to a tap in the mobile game and any clicking and dragging with the mouse would be the same as tapping and dragging on the mobile devices.


As the player exits each mini-game, they will return to the Majorca map menu.

Escape the Bull
The player must use their knowledge and skills to try and dodge the bulls that are constantly going after them. The higher the score the better. The player must score at least 30 to pass the mini game.

The player utilizes the left and right arrow keys to dodge the bulls as they quickly move towards the character.

Super Down-Jumper Game
Player controls a tourist to keep jumping down to bars below in the Majorca Building of Fine Arts. Player moves the tourist to the left or right by pressing left or right arrow keys or by touching the screen. The player wins the game when the tourist goes down 100 bars alive. The player loses the game when the tourist walk on spiky bars or is hurt by the spiky ceiling at top.

Bull Fighter Game
The player controls a majorca soldier to fight hordes of bulls sprinting towards it around 14th century Bellver Castle and its battlements. The player must first use the arrow keys to move around the animated world to catch 10 little animals that are running around. Once they have collected 10, the bulls are released. The player hits the spacebar or touches the screen in order to emit red rugs to catch the bulls. The player wins the game after catching above 5000 bulls, and the player loses the game if their life points go below 0. The player loses life points if they do not emit their red rugs in time and the bulls run into them or catch them.

StonyBird Game
The player controls a flappy bird to fly through stony pillars around Arabic Wall in the northern part of the island. The player makes the bird fly by hitting spacebar or tapping on screen. The player win the game after flying between 15 pillars. The pillars are positioned on both the top and bottom of the screen so that the flappy bird must fly through the middle of them in order to advance. The player loses the game whenever the flappy bird hits any stony pillar.

Cooking Majorca
Cooking Majorca puts the player in the kitchen as the chef to cook a traditional Majorcan pastry known as an ensaimada. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed step by step through the process of making an ensaimada. By clicking individual ingredients in the proper order, the player can then “mix” them in the mixing bowls and create the dough needed for the pastry. Once you make the dough, the player clicks to roll out the dough, roll the dough up like a poster, and coil the dough in a spiral. The player then clicks on the oven to bake the ensaimada. When the “timer” goes off, the player just clicks to add a sprinkle of powder sugar and they have successfully made an ensaimada! On the mobile version of the game, the clicks will simply become taps on the screen.


Visual System

The map of Majorca appears with puzzle pieces at various attractions that the player can choose to visit, and the entire game exists in an animated 2D world. This is the main menu where all other gameplay stems from. From there, each puzzle piece the player selects will reveal a popup that gives cultural and historical information about each of the attractions and allows the player to access the mini-game associated with that location.

The main menu and each mini-game have their own background music and some of the mini-games even have sound effects. For example, in Stony Bird, there is the sound effect of the flapping wings each time the player presses the spacebar in order to make the bird fly.

As the game is fairly self-explanatory and each mini-game has its own set of instructions, there is no help system in place for our game. Any control that the player would need to know is either in an instructional menu or listed on the screen, as it is with how to access the trophies the player has earned, for example.